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Transformers: Five Faces Of Darkness Full Movie Download 1080p Hd

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The Five Faces of Darkness takes place just after Transformers: The Movie finishes. The Autobots have one a victory over their enemies the Decepticons under their new leader Rodimus Prime (Optimus Prime died in TF:TM). Meanwhile the now leaderless (after the death of Megatron and the disappearance of Galvatron) &#39;cons have fled to the burnt out planet of Charr. In a nice touch Unicron&#39;s head is still orbiting the Transformers&#39; home planet of Cybertron. While the valiant Autobots celebrate their victory they are raided by unknown assailants who capture Kup, Ultra Magnus and Spike. Rodimus Prime assumes it is the Decepticons and (assisted by Grimlock) goes to Charr to find out more. There they are taken as prisoners by the down on their luck Decepticons…<br/><br/>Highlights: *Danger, from here on in there be Spoilers* Rodimus Prime discovering the history of Cybertron and the truth about the origins of the Transformers. - The Quintessans (previously seen as judges in TF:TM) are in fact their creators. Galvatron&#39;s return - despite now lacking Leonrd Nimoy&#39;s voice. Hints that Unicron has survived TF:TM.<br/><br/>Lowlights: A sometimes annoying side quest involving Blurr and Wheelie. MANY animation errors. Patchy sound quality from time to time. A somewhat anti-climatic battle between Metroplex and Trypticon (two city sized transformers).
Entertaining follow-up to Transformers: The Movie and the opening five episodes of the third season of the Transformers TV series. It continues from where the movie left off, with Rodmius Prime now leading the Autobots. It also reunites Galvatron with the struggling Decepticons and focuses a lot on the Quintesson characters from the movie, giving their backstory and connecting them to the origin of the Transformers. It sets up some interesting stories for the rest of the third season, which doesn&#39;t always get the respect it should as it was a pretty well-written season. The biggest complaints I have about this (as well as the third season overall) are that the animation isn&#39;t the greatest and some of the better voices from the movie (like Leonard Nimoy, Robert Stack, and Judd Nelson) are different here. But still, if you enjoy the Transformers and weren&#39;t put off by the movie like some fans were at the time, you should enjoy this and the season that followed.

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